Transform Your Body

Once and for all


Transform Your Body

Once and for all


Transform Your Body

Once and for all

Burn Fat

All it takes is 4-6 Electromagnetic Treatments to burn fat in hard-to-sculpt areas of your body.

Build Muscle

Our Electromagnetic Treatment induces thousands of muscle contractions, helping you increase tone and muscle mass.

Tone Your Body

Nothing gives your body a toned look as much as sculpted abs, buttocks, arms and calves. Our Electromagnetic Treatments powerful technology makes it possible!

Tighten skin

Skin tightening treatments can be performed on nearly any part of the body to improve the elasticity and reduce cellulite.

The Industry Leader for Body Sculpting Services in Orange County, CA

Welcome to Slim and Tone Body Sculpting!

Conveniently located on City Blvd. West in Orange, CA. We are Orange County’s top-rated provider for body sculpting services, helping you lose fat and build muscle without any exercise or downtime, Guaranteed!


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Permanent, real results.

No Needles, No Downtime, No Recovery

In just one 30 minute session, Any Target Area

Thousands of focused muscle contractions

Get the body of your dreams

in just 4-6 thirty minute sessions

Comments from our clients!

"My technician took the time to sit with me and explain everything thoroughly. I felt the machine working immediately and noticed new tone within the week. Even my performance in the gym is easier now all thanks to Slim & Tone! Thank you!"
OC Client
"Slim And Tone provides their clients with industry leading technology at a prices below their competitors. They will keep receiving my referrals!"
Gary Growles
Plastic Surgeon Las Colinas, Texas
"Slim and Tone actually changed my life! I was suffering from muscle pain in my back. After 6 sessions with Slim and Tone, I walk better, move better and live better!"
Kimberly Barker
Orange, California

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