Am I a good candidate for Electromagnetic Treatments?

This is a question we get all the time! Anyone from 18-100 years old is a potential candidate. Our Electromagnetic RF Treatment is most effective for those under 32% BMI. For those above, the results will be slower. The treatment cannot be performed on expecting mothers, clients with pacemakers, clients who have had surgery in the last 4 weeks, or clients with metal other than titanium inside or near their treatment areas. Some of the many benefits you can enjoy from our Electromagnetic RF Treatment in just 4-6 sessions are:

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    I am thrilled to see my results with Slim and Tone. I never expected a fast and effective result like this before I started treatments. I am a petite woman and needs toning after having two kids. I told my needs to Marissa and she listened to my needs very attentively and she would take the time to explain to me what to expect from the treatments etc. Great place! Strongly recommended!
    Client of Marissa, NYC